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by M. Scott Peck

Community Building, or short “CB”, is a wonderful paths of personal growth, for private and professional life. It is an extraordinary way of deepening every kind of relationship, in partnership, in the family, in business, and most of all, it is a wonderful journey to yourself. Spiritual, full of insight and acceptance, it allows you to deeply encounter with yourself and other people, in your private and professional life. Learn how to listen out of the emptiness and to be really present in the here and now, how to deal with conflict and enable for closeness. Learn how you can become “empty” internally and make space for yourself and your loved ones. Experience the wonderful possibility to truly encounter others and yourself with understanding, acceptance, and last but not least deep love. For your personal and professional life success.

What is Community?

Contrary to popular belief that a Community is an organization or group of people who share the same interests and because of that they are together (living- or purpose community), the definition of Community according to M. Scott Peck is different, that is, when people succeed in being together despite their diversity, and can acknowledge and appreciate it:

Community is defined as a group of two or more people who, regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds, have been able to accept and transcend their differences. They are able to communicate openly and effectively; and to work together toward common goals, while having a sense of unusual safety with one another.

~ M. Scott Peck

What is Community Building?

Community Building is an open group process that can lead through the levels -> Pseudo-Community -> Chaos -> Emptiness to -> authentic Community.

It is based on the principles M. Scott Peck has worked out in his books “The Road Less Traveled” and “The Different Drum”. It is a path to deeper acceptance and peace with oneself and with others, a way to connect with everything we are, our gifts as well as our shadow sides, to live our true self in freedom and respect to each other, and to find our place in ourselves and in the world.

The basis of Community Building is the Community Building Workshop (CBW), a deep experience of an open group process without instructions, in which the participants can in self-responsbility gain deep insights. What sounds very dry and like hard work, ends up in a feeling of deep acceptance and togetherness, a feeling of love for one another and for oneself, the sense of community that can be integrated into “normal” life and leads to noticeably positive changes, in private and professional life.

About M. Scott Peck

M. Scott Peck (Morgan Scott Peck, or simply “Scott Peck”) lived from May 1936 – September 2005. He was a US psychiatrist and bestselling author. His many years of experience in and with group processes, he described among others in the books “The Road Less Traveled”, “A World Waiting to be Born” and “The Different Drum”, which are widely recognized as a pioneering contribution to the behavioral sciences. Scott Peck’s work is a call to build true community, peace and prosperity in the world. To realize his dream for a better world, a world where there are “different rhythms”, with mutual respect, understanding and acceptance for all that we are, he developed the concept of the “Community Building Workshop”, an exceptionally experiential weekend. More under -> Workshop.


There is a yearning in the heart for peace. Because of the wounds and rejections we have received in past relationships, we are frightened by the risks. In our fear, we discount the dream of authentic community as merely visionary. But there are rules by which people can come back together, by which the old wounds can be healed. The purpose of Community Building is to teach these rules —to make hope real again — and to make the vision actually manifest in a world which has almost forgotten the glory of what it means to be human.
—M. Scott Peck, MD

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