Welcome to Community Building

Good that you are here!

CB live-chat is a very experimental space. There are no “rules”, nobody determines what you are allowed to say and what not. There is no “super-admin” who bans you if you say something “wrong” (by the way, what is “wrong” and what is “right”, and who wants to determine that?). Everyone can join the chat, there is no login. The chat is based on peoples trust that exactly what is said should be said. Also, since the internet is certainly not a “safe space” to share the deepest insides, this chat is a paradox – you can try to create the safe space within yourself, follow your impulse and share what you discover in yourself, how you feel right now, in exactly this moment. It’s a playground! Try yourself, how does it feel when you follow the Comunity Building Guidelines (see below), and how does it feel when you do not follow them. Have fun! Discover yourself! You are sincerely invited.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
– Jelaluddin Rumi

Guidelines for Community Building

1. Wear your name tag.
2. Be on time for each session.
3. Say your name before you speak.
4. Speak personally and specifically, using “I”-statements.
5. Speak when moved to speak; do not speak when not moved to speak.
6. Include others and yourself; avoid exclusivity.
7. Be emotionally present.
8. Voice displeasure or any dislikes to the entire group.
9. Commit to “hang in there.”
10. Each person is responsible for the success of the group.
11. Participation can be verbal or non-verbal.
12. Maintain strict confidentiality.

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