my experiences with the Community Building Workshop and an ongoing group

Actually I am a very shy person. I feel uncomfortable in a group of more then 5 people or so. Still.
I want share my experience in a workshop two years ago which was realy wonderful. I also have opposite experience with a CB ongoing group.

First the workshop experience:
Two years ago I visited my first (and still only) Community Building Workshop. It was in Germany. I can’t remember well on details, but in general, the workshop weekend gave me a feeling of deep acceptance. It showed me a way how to communicate in another way and how to respect myself. CB is still a mystery for me and many things happened which still work inside me. It changed my life in a way, that I desire for real connection with others but most with myself. I’m more open to discover myself. We had a wonderful time, with moments of irritation (people got really naked), conflict, conflict avoidence and strong moments of deep encounter. We were ancouraged to be present with really everthing what is inside us and I am still grateful. Even though the facilitators were in silence most of the time, for me they had a strong function, like parents. I don’t know if we or I realy reached community stage. I think about to go again to a workshop.

My experience with ongoiug group is very mixed. I think because our monday evening mneetings are just for three hours, we do not succeed in the stages, it is more a training of communication. I feel the group is in chaos most of the time, this is very hard for me to “stand in”. So at the moment I’m avoiding the ongoing group. But yes, I’m more and more aware that the only way is to “go thru”, to get in contact also with my uncomfortable feelings. In my life, I’m usually avoiding conflicts. CB is a great chance for me to grow in this.

Michael Böhm.