Matthias Backhausen

Founder of, always interested in inner growth and enthusiastic about process work according to Scott Peck. Since 2016 in lifelong training as a facilitator for Community Building Workshops.
Training and education among others by Ed Groody, see also Numerous participations in the circle as well as facilitator.

Daniel Wrede

Organizer for Community Building. With his legere and at the same time profound way, Daniel succeeds in describing Community Building (CB) in pictures and giving an idea of ​​how wonderful it can be to be in real community. Inspiring people for the Community Building Workshop is, according to Scott Peck, one of the most toughest tasks Daniel likes to explore. What keeps YOU away from this extraordinary beautiful experience of belonging, acceptance to each other and ultimately from deep affection and love?

Friends of

Markéta Kočí

Marketa’s attentive yet restrained and respectful facilitation gives participants in the Community Building Workshop exactly the space they need for the group at the right time. She is a open and self-reflecting young woman and it is a pleaseure to experience her as facilitator and human being.

Hana Perglerová

A pioneer among facilitators. Hana is a experienced, loving and compassionate facilitator. Through her long-standing commitment, Community Building has  led to greater visibility and acceptance not only in the Czech Republic. More about Hana at

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